[Owncloud] Re: New Place for Configs?

Sascha Manns saigkill at opensuse.org
Mon Jan 31 19:07:27 CET 2011

Hello Klaas,

nice to see you there :-)

Klaas Freitag <freitag at kde.org> wrote at Monday 31 January 2011:

> For easier distro integration, a bit of logic would be fine that
> checks if there is a owncloud.conf in /etc and uses it before it
> uses its 'own' values in the conf dir.
> > Or is it a better Solution to set "noreplace" in the Package? If
> > yes, which are the Configfile who we can "noreplace"?
> I guess its, as said, $SERVERROOT/config/config.php
> What are you planning actually?
I'm just writing from Users View. We have already one great owncloud 
Packager (Andrej Semen) and a new Packager isn't needed.

I just try out to find a Solution which allows me to leave (don't now a 
better word. Meant is the german "behalten") my Data after a Package 

Have a nice day @all
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