[Owncloud] pdf viewer and google code-in

Michael Grosser owncloud at seetheprogress.net
Thu Dec 22 01:32:48 UTC 2011

On the testing issue:

For stable versions we have the developer demo (demo.owncloud.org/dev).
Don't hesitate to use it.
Just drop me a mail with the gitorious branch at owncloud(at)
I'll do my best to deploy the code quickly and provide infos on merging
errors + issues with performance etc. under load...
Every dev willing to check out the latest git master + branches (stable
enough for testing) check the dev demo in your spare time and drop the
issues at owncloud at kde.org.


PS: usually I'm around in the IRC chat (scalability-junk), but I'm on the
go currently...

On Wed, Dec 21, 2011 at 10:04 PM, Bartek Przybylski <bart.p.pl at gmail.com>wrote:

> hi *
> its been a while since Joan completed pdf viewer for owncloud. He also
> prepared short text about his experience working for owncloud in GCI
> http://www.google-melange.com/gci/work/download/google/gci2011/7195405?id=2001
> AFAIK so far we have two pdf implementations, since OC3 is comming i
> think its a good idea to merge one of this solutions and have it
> tested :)
> Joan viewer: https://github.com/jcreus/owncloud_pdfviewer
> To he honest i haven't check second (not Joan) solution so if anyone
> could drop me some info comparing those two solutions it would be nice
> What do you all think about it ?
> bartek
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