[Owncloud] android app

Andreas Schneider asn at cryptomilk.org
Thu Dec 15 11:42:00 UTC 2011

On Wednesday 14 December 2011 23:49:13 Bartek Przybylski wrote:
> howdy!


> first of all i'm sorry for such dead time of android app development.
> I also wanted to thank many people for feedback, my apologies i
> haven't respond to you.
> The reason was that i am really busy with my BSc, but this will end soon :)
> i was repeatedly requested for https support. Im proud to announce
> that is should work ;)

sorry I have to inform you that it doesn't :( It aborts at the SSL handshake 
with an error. The browser doesn't have a problem with SSL certificate and 
says it is valid.

	-- andreas

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