[Owncloud] Calendar and periodic events

Georg Ehrke ownclouddev at georgswebsite.de
Tue Dec 13 17:04:06 UTC 2011

displaying recurring events is a new feature of owncloud 3. Editing the 
rate of reccurence will be possible soon.


Am 13.12.2011 17:39, schrieb Thomas Olsen:
> On Tuesday 13 December 2011 17:33 Robin wrote:
>> On Tue, 13 Dec 2011, 17:11:01 CET, Thomas Olsen<thomas at tanghus.net>  wrote:
>>> On Tuesday 13 December 2011 16:55 Christian Hügel wrote:
>>>> Is it possible to add in some way periodic events, like birthdays
>>>> etc.,
>>>> to the calendar? I dont´t find any option to do this nor can i sync
>>>> any
>>>> periodic events from my thunderbird calendar.
>>> Recurring events work fine if you use Kontact/KOrganizer with an
>>> ownCloud   resource. Weird if Thunderbird doesn't support it. The web
>>> interface doesn't   support it yet AFAIK.
>> For me displaying recurring events display fine in git master, adding them
>> isn't possible trough the web interface, i can add them fine using kontact
> Yes I wasn't being clear about that. Thanks :-)

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