[Owncloud] ownCloud T-shirt

Jan-Christoph Borchardt jan at unhosted.org
Wed Dec 7 17:50:56 UTC 2011

Just popping in because I read the conversation on an ownCloud T-shirt.

I think I mentioned it before in the IRC channel, but I’d suggest a
very simple design over web address and »tag lines« (especially on the
back, otherwise known as »geek tramp stamps«).

Just have a dark blue shirt (_not_ black) with a white print. The
ownCloud logo – _not_ the wide version, but rather the one with text
under the cloud (as on http://joindiaspora.com/u/owncloud )
No address, no tag line or anything. We don’t want to make people
running adverts or NASCAR racecars.

Similarly, I suggest using that logo, white on dark blue, for a 4.5 cm
round sticker. See
Printing a ton of those and giving them away at conferences or
anywhere really has worked splendidly for Unhosted. Just print 5000
(~100 € only) and give them to people.

(I’m not on this list so please put me in CC when answering. Or find
me on IRC, #unhosted on freenode.)

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