[Owncloud] Shibboleth auth, modifications to code outside of /apps

Simon Kainz simon.kainz at tugraz.at
Thu Dec 1 06:46:57 UTC 2011

Dear list,

i'm currently working on implementing Shibboleth-based authentication in

This works right now, providing the following features:

* "Live" user list for the share dialog: This is a modification to


to provide ajax like search/autocompletion. The original version did not
work for me, because by backend makes some LDAP queries to get the list
of users, but i don't get all users at once (which would be ~5000) , as
the current design imposes.

Another issue is that i need some modifications to the index page,
because when I'm using Shibboleth, I'm basically already logged in,  so
I "modified/abused " the logic concerning "user si loggen in" vs "wants
to log in".

My question is: Is there a proper way to insert/extend the logic in
index.php, maybe some hooks? I don't want to get too much off the main
brach of Owncloud, to be able to stay in sync with updates.

The same for the modifications concerning user/group list in the
sharing: Maybe this feature should be implemented (which I would be glad
to do) to make it more AJAX.

I'm waiting for you suggestions ;-)

Regards & Thanks in advance,

DI Simon Kainz
Graz, University of Technology
Department Computing
Phone: ++43 (0) 316 / 873 6885

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