[Owncloud] Business and Backup Sprint in Zurich - setting the date

Pascal Mages pascal.mages at avertas.ch
Wed Aug 31 20:30:47 UTC 2011

Hi all

It has been a while since my first poll. About 8 people have shown 
interest in participating in a sprint in Zurich. Great! :)

Together with Frank we decided that it might be a good idea to have two 
separate sprints still this year. A first one in Zurich focusing on 
Business and Backup plus a second one in Stuttgart probably in december 
on a more general topic.

So if you want to be part of the business and backup sprint in Zurich 
please fill in the following doodle in order to find the best date.


The dates proposed are
30.9. - 2.10.
7.10. - 9.10.
14.10. - 16.10.
21.10. - 23.10.

Sprint Location:
I plan to hold the sprint at my place in the center of Zurich. We have 
plenty of space available here. You can find pictures here: 
And a map: 

I'll try to find enough couches at my place and with friends in the 
neighborhood. If anyone of you is on www.couchsurfing.org or 
www.hospitalityclub.org it might be an option as well.

As soon as we have the date and numbers fixed I would be happy if 
someone could help me with getting sponsoring from KDE e.V.
BTW: We will sponsor some swiss FreeBeer (www.freebeer.ch)

Please let me know your thoughts and ideas


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