[Owncloud] Re: plugins vs. apps

Jakob Sack mail at jakobsack.de
Fri Apr 22 09:45:30 UTC 2011

Hello Kunal, hello list,

> @Frank i think a plugin approach would be better. After all we want to
> integrate some new functionality into
> OwnCloud itself.  ( I understand an app to be something like an email app ,
> which when the user clicks , opens up in a
> new tab or window. Have i understood , what you meant by an app correctly ?
> )

unfortunately you misunderstood what we mean by apps or we forgot to explain 
the difference between apps and plugins to the mailing lists.

In short apps add a new aspect to owncloud and plugins add small new features 
to existing aspects.

What does this mean? An address book would be a new app. The ownCloud core 
only handles files and an address book would be a new aspect. Same with a 
gallery. In the core of ownCloud you can easily upload your photos, but we do 
not have the ambition to create pretty albums you can share with your family 
and friends. An "gallery" app however could do this, using the existing files.
A plugin could add a function to the addressbook, like asking the contact to 
fill out its vcard. A plugin for the gallery could add aditional transitions or 
a possibility to add background music to the slideshow or whatever.

Both apps and plugins integrate nicely into ownCloud, using the existing 
possibilities and the typical ownCloud layout.

I hope you get the point.


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