[Owncloud] Meetings ?

Fran├žois K. daitheflu at free.fr
Tue Nov 30 15:56:15 UTC 2010

Hey !

This email may sound special. Its goal isn't to be rude, I'm just trying to make things a bit more alive.
In one word, I think the project needs to be more organized (please see no offense in what I'm writing). For example, I know there is a bunch of questions that have never been answered concerning ownCloud (and I also have mine) and that might stuck some people. 

For example, there is a roadmap for the next version (versioning, sharing, sync client,...) but :
- the wiki would need an update,
- who does what and how ?

Also, using a templating system has been discussed a bit, but noone took a decision. Same for coding style, files organization, and so on...

I know you guys probably don't have as much time as you'd want, so here is another proposal : what about planning an IRC meeting on a weekly basis, with defined topics according to our roadmap / priorities ? We just have to find something like 2 hours in a week to discuss those topics, assign tasks, help each others, vote when/if necessary... and go on, step by step.
I see this as a complementary tool. Subjects can (and should) still be discussed on the mailing-list. This would be a simple weekly milestone.

Well, this is just a proposal, I'm very new with all that and, as a result, I'm maybe too excited about the project :D



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