[Owncloud] OwnClouds Future

Cosmin Gorgovan cosmin at linux-geek.org
Mon Mar 22 08:29:58 UTC 2010

On 03/22/2010 01:02 AM, Evgeniy Ivanov wrote:
> Cosmin, I really enjoy discussion, but in my opinion it's beyond this
> project. If you really willing to write user-space filesystem, I would
> recommend you to focus on it as separate GSoC project (MINIX 3
> organization is a good place for this).
OK, I've thought about it and I think you are right. I've also thought 
about other possible projects and I've came up with three smaller ones:

   1. Implementing a interface to allow simple integration of new
      database engines. Making it non-relational DB friendly would be
      cool. Writing at least MySQL and sqlite modules.
   2. Implementing multiple users and shared folders/files. Using WebDAV
      ACL[1] seems the way to go for the communication part. The
      database/database interface I mentioned earlier would require some
   3. Implementing versioning. There's a WebDAV extension[2] for this
      too. The database would require modifications again.

The last two items would require working in close collaboration with the 
desktop client developer(s) for agreeing upon the exact implementation 

So, what does everyone think?


[1]: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3744
[2]: http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3253

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