[Owncloud] OwnClouds Future

Cosmin Gorgovan cosmin at linux-geek.org
Sun Mar 21 22:34:05 UTC 2010

> On Mon, Mar 22, 2010 at 12:28 AM, Cosmin Gorgovan<cosmin at linux-geek.org>  wrote:
>> In any case, I want to implement extensive caching, read-ahead and other
>> optimizations.
> These things must be done by very low-level stuff provided by
> operating system, e.g. davfs might use either its own caching or put
> it on VFS and driver (afair in Linux most caching is done by VFS and
> driver (network, disk, etc)).
My proposal was to write a FUSE (that is, file system in userspace) 
driver because:

    * davfs2 doesn't work (at least at the moment) with ownCloud
    * you need root privileges to mount a share
    * from what I've read, it doesn't do read-ahead

And if using a regular daemon for synchronizing your home directory 
you'd probably get lots of conflicts because you won't be able to tell 
apps "wait before I check if that file already exists", etc.
>   Syncing client is not system software
I'd say a python script running under the user's account isn't either.
> and it provides operations on high level: versioning,
Shouldn't the server do that, especially as the project features say it 
needs to get rid of older revisions if it is running out of space?
>   conflicts
> resolution/resolving, mapping (map files/directories from mountpoint
> to user's files/directories), Šµncryption/decription, and so on
> depending on your fantasy. Also it's independent on davfs - it justs
> perfoms appropriate command to mount something to somewhere and that's
> all in this area. But if it makes coffee for user, it will be great
> feature :)

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