[Owncloud] OwnClouds Future

Cosmin Gorgovan cosmin at linux-geek.org
Sun Mar 21 05:18:38 CET 2010

I think it should be possible to develop an webdav fuse driver optimized 
for this kind of use;
and to modify KDM to 1) allow this kind of logins and 2)mount your 
owncloud as your home directory after logging in

This would result in having the same dot-files on every computer you log 
in on, so you'd basically get what you want (and probably get in some 
trouble if you are running significantly different versions of the 
apps). With decent optimisations, I think this would work quite OK, 
maybe except for the initial sync where you'd be limited by the 
bandwidth, transfer overhead and number of files.

Unless someone else sees a fatal flaw, I might just turn this into my 
GSoC proposal for OwnCloud.


On 03/20/2010 10:48 PM, cody at killsudo.info wrote:
> Could OwnCloud be used to seperate kde and the home folder from any physical
> computer.
> I would one day like to be able to keep my kde desktop/resources/data in the
> cloud and simple use a domain login to request and cache my desktop to any
> kde4 pc or device. I imagine kdm supporting a login so I could specifiy
> cody at killsudo.info and it would connect to my owncloud instance on the server
> and load my desktop and files. My widgets, themes, mail, tags,  etc would all
> be pulled down.
> I would even like to push akonadi to the server and connect my kde apps up to
> the cloud to store and send/receive data.
> A phone running kde(or any app that uses open-standards) could connect to my
> same instance and using akondi pull my mail, contacts, etc. Could even stream
> music on the go from my owncloud instance to the phone.
> Internet speeds are getting fast enough even wirelessly to make this a final
> reality.
> Right now I use libgcal and akonadi resources to plan my calendar then push
> the calendar to my google calendar that can then be shared with family.
> I would also like to see a nice web frontend over owncloud as you are doing
> now that lets me access my data, contacts, etc in a browser if need be to make
> quick changes or share a file.
> So, am I crazy?
> Signed
> Cody
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