[Owncloud] Hi

Fabio Alessandro Locati flocati at grimp.eu
Wed Dec 15 13:05:31 CET 2010

I'm Fabio Alessandro Locati and I work in an ICT italian company.
I'm looking ownCloud for my work. We  would need something close to
Some features we are looking for are not in ownCloud, so we will implement
them in plugins (mainly). The only important 'core' feature that is not yet
present is the versioned file system, but daitheflu told me that is coming
soon :).

I'm really exicted to work in this task, and I really hope both of us (the
community and the company) will have a big advantage over this collaboration

PS: I'm trying to be able to come to the jan-2011 meeting, but I'm not sure
to be able to make it ;).
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