[Owncloud] Syncing Client

Maxime Côté cote.maxime1 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 27 01:35:19 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I am the student you would have like to work on the syncing client for
ownCloud, but I wasn't accepted for the GSoC. Anyway I just want you to know
that even if I wasn't taken I'll be happy to develop the client on my free
time. I probably won't be able to do it as fast as with GSoC, but I think I
could work it out. So if the client his still a need even with the library
you will get at the end of the GSoC I can work on it, as anyway I was
planning on using it in conjunction with the player I'm
currently developing (which you can find
just let me know

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