[Owncloud] GSoC idea: syncing client for Android

Frank Karlitschek karlitschek at kde.org
Tue Apr 6 16:44:12 UTC 2010


I think an Android and an iPhone client would be very useful.
So full support from my side. :-)


On 06.04.2010, at 18:10, Ester Sanchez de Vera wrote:

> Hi,
> If you need help doing Android stuff, I can help you ^^
> Also I think your idea is a good one, I could do also an iPhone client  
> if the rest of the people agrees.
> Cheers!
> El 06/04/2010, a las 17:46, Silvère Lestang escribió:
>> Hi all,
>> I would like to work on ownCloud for the GSoC as this project really  
>> interested me, but I have little knowledge of C++/Qt and the  
>> proposal of a syncing client for KDE is already taken.
>> I think that a syncing client for another platform can be good idea  
>> and will make ownCloud less KDE centric. I know quite well Java for  
>> using it in many modules at the Uni and I want to make a Android  
>> application but never find a good idea of app to make. So I would  
>> like to develop an ownCloud syncing client for Android platform as a  
>> GSoC project.
>> The number of Android devices is currently increasing rapidly and  
>> will certainly explode in the incoming months/years, making the  
>> Android platform a relevant choice to bring ownCloud to a maximum of  
>> users.
>> Furthermore mobile device have typically a little of storage making  
>> difficult to keep in it a lot of files but as you always have it  
>> with you, it's the perfect device to access all your data wherever  
>> you are. So the Android syncing client could download files only on  
>> request (e.g. from your mobile, you browse your files which are  
>> store on your ownCloud server and when you find the one that you  
>> want, the client download it) and upload only when certain rules are  
>> follow (e.g. upload all my new files to the server only when I am  
>> connect with wifi). I need to think more about the uniqueness of the  
>> mobile platform and how we can handle them but I think I can make it.
>> Do you think my idea is good? Do you think it's can work as a GSoC  
>> project?
>> I am conscious than I need to find a mentor with knowledge of the  
>> Android platform and that most people working on ownCloud are from  
>> the KDE community, where can I find a mentor? (Android dev mailing  
>> list?)
>> I am also conscious that I start to think about this quite late as  
>> the deadline for student application is Friday of this week but it  
>> was difficult to me devote time to this because of the Uni.
>> Cheers,
>> Silvère
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