[Owncloud] First installation, questions, remarks

Gaël Beaudoin gaboo at gaboo.org
Mon Apr 5 12:17:50 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I've just installed owncloud and have a few questions / remarks. Please 
forgive me if  some of them sounds obvious / stupid, but I'm a Java/J2EE 
developer and I've not read nor written php for a long, lonnng time!

But I want to contribute and I'm willing to talk php again :)

Anyway, there we go :

 - The path to the css stylesheet is wrong in the pages other than the main 
one. Could it be a configuration error on my part ?
 - I've added some stuff in config.php. For example :

$DOCUMENTROOT='/var/www/owncloud/htdocs/'; or else the database (sqlite) 
cannot be created.
 - The settings page overwrite the config.php file without keeping my own 
modifications. I guess there should be some sort of md5sum somewhere to avoid 
this ? Like refuse to write the config if the file has been changed since last 
generation ?
 - Sometimes I select a file to upload but it's not uploaded. Sometimes I 
manage to trigger it. Maybe I'm not doing this corerctly, but at least I'd say 
this is not obvious how to use it.
 - I've started to read the code and I'm surprised there are a lot of if/else 
for mysql support (in lib_base.pgp for example). Couldn't we use an 
abstraction layer ? I'd like to add postgresql support, but I'm worried it 
won't be maintainable if we do not use some sort of abstraction layer and / or 
an ORM ?
 - the initial tables are not created when the sqlite database is created. 
They should be I guess ?

I've not find a bug tracker, but if I should fill them, let me know.

Do owncloud uses some sort of php framework ?

Other than that, it works ! :D


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