[Okular-devel] Okular active

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Mon May 14 19:04:49 UTC 2012

Hi all,

(please maintain CC: since not everybody is subscribed to both lists)

Looking at the current status of applications that are shipped with Plasma 
active (and will be on the first device) we seen that there wasn't a 
satisfying application for reading ebooks. Okular is preinstalled, but with a 
touch screen has some problems, especially small screens.

Another application was developed, "tablet reader" but had some problems 
(wasn't really integrated with kde or plasma active, no possibility to open 
remote files, had a custom file selection dialog, two separate declarative 

But, looking at the Okular core library, we seen that is very widget-agnostic, 
clean and gives all for free (multiple types, tables of contents..)
in the branch mart/okularActive, there is:
* a qml plugin that depends only on okularcore (only had to duplicate 
pagepainter from ui/ hopefully will be possible to avoid that)
* a small qml application that uses plasma components and the small app 
library from Plasma Active (conditional build over that library)

Since doesn't have particular dependencies the component can be used not only 
in plasma active byt anywhere in qml.

The app is purposedly very barebone, so far looks like this:

It is supposed to view a single document, still very basic, (is just possible 
to see a page or a thumbnail grid of all pages, things like table of contents, 
bookmarks, annotations will come eventually), and is supposed to be launched 
by clicking on a file on a filemanager (or the active file browser) so it's 
hidden from the menu and doesn't even start alone.

The qml components just let to paint pages for now, i hope will be possible 
soon to add search, table of contents and support for hyperlinks (maybe the 
api will have to be changed a bit to have that)

Marco Martin

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