[Okular-devel] Which class is responsible for placing 'Document' pages onscreen?

Stephen Anthony sa666666 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 16 11:08:53 UTC 2011

I've been looking over the codebase for the past few hours, but I can't 
seem to find which class is responsible for this.  A little explanation 

I'm trying to implement the oft-requested feature of no spacing between 
facing pages, to more accurately emulate the behaviour of reading a book 
or magazine.

Anyway, I thought I found the code several times, but each time it seems 
that the class I'm considering isn't being used.  It seems that large 
parts of the codebase are dead code (or at least I couldn't figure out 
how they are ever used).

I tried working from the absolute beginning, and tracing function calls. 
  I can see how the 'shell' is created.  I understand how 'Document' 
class works.  And I can see that Document::openDocument is being called. 
  The problem is:

1)  I can't find anywhere in the code that actually calls this method 
(but I know it *is* called because of a print statement

2)  I can't see the relationship between the shell and the document 
class.  Specifically, once the document is created, its pages are being 
rendered to the UI centralWidget somehow.  But I can't find the code 
that actually does this.

Please help me if you can.  I've been looking at this for the past 4 
hours with no luck.

Steve A.

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