[Okular-devel] effectively using okular

Rolf Schumacher rolf at august.de
Mon May 24 10:47:50 CEST 2010

I got to write justifications about other documents that come to me as 
pdf. Therefore I open several documents and look for common and 
contradicting information in all or some of them.

I guess it is a very common use to have several open pdf documents and 
read them all at ones with special questions in mind.

Two functional omissions of Okular makes it very hard to me to perform 
my work:

1. I can not cut'n-paste a portion of text from the document I read.
2. I can not easily switch between documents, because the filename is 
not shown in windows selection. There is an attribute show that is 
usually not maintained by the authors. If they use a template in writing 
this attribute has the same value over all their documents. Nothing to 
choose upon. Often I switch to a document and have to go back to the 
first page (loosing the point where I just read) in order to see if I'm 
reading the right document.

Are these wanted features, known deficiencies, or do I not know how to 
cope with Okular?
Are there any ideas about work-arounds to me?


I'm usind Debian Linux, kde 4.4.3, okular 4.4.3-1

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