[Okular-devel] [Bug 151614] store annotations with documents

Ravi Arora ra.ravi.rav at gmail.com
Thu Mar 25 14:46:35 CET 2010


--- Comment #93 from Ravi Arora <ra ravi rav gmail com>  2010-03-25 14:44:40 ---
I checked the software PDF-XCHANGE viewer. It allows to save annotations, later
selectively delete them too, means annotations are not saved as hardcoded but
separately. Also it allows to hide/show selective annotations.
When I open the file in Okular I find that (at least popup note annotation) is
there and in fact in a nicer way than Okular built-in. Highlight though was
shown in the document there was no mention of it in annotaions sidebar list.

So this really rubbishes out the viewpoint of Okular devs that Okular doesn't
do or its non-standard, for they are at least reading the annotations saved
with the file.

Now its upto them to do this change. Good reasons to do:

1. I want the annotations to go accross programs. My friends, teacher, boss may
use GNOME, xpdf or any other program and I don't want to give them .okular
file, this is ridiculous to ask them to install KDE when they have a GPLed
software stack already (competition is there is FOSS eh! but you need to
support the options).

2. Maintaining the .xml files and to take care about the renames made is

3. Also if you are storing the annotations in separate .xml file, goto point 1.

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