[Okular-devel] [Bug 176743] okular review affects different document with same name

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Mon Dec 8 20:01:59 CET 2008


--- Comment #2 from doc evans gmail com  2008-12-08 20:01:58 ---
Let me be sure I understand what you're saying. I apologize if I am

You are saying, I think, that the designed behaviour is that if I have five
identical files on my system, all with the same name but in different
directories, the user should be prohibited from should be prohibited from
highlighting those documents differently.

I'm sorry, but as a user that prohibition makes no sense at all to me.

Here is the actual use case:

I am reviewing several patents right now, and they all refer to different parts
of document X; so I have several copies of document X, each associated with one
patent; but okular will not let me highlight those different copies of X
independently. How can this be a good thing?

Do you want to take this discussion offline? It's not really appropriate for a
bug report.


I just spent about an hour trying to understand okular's notion of a file, and
frankly it has me completely stumped. Whatever notion okular has, it is not at
all obvious to the user. Every time I think I understand it, I can come up with
a case that breaks my understanding :-(

Is there a document somewhere that clearly explains how reviewing is designed
to work when applied to multiple files with the same contents and/or names?

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