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Jonathan-David SCHRODER jonathan.schroder at gmail.com
Sun Apr 6 05:08:27 CEST 2008

my name is Jonathan-david Schröder
I have taken some time to read the kde summer of code ideas page and I would
like to apply for a SoC related to Kde printing and Okular.
I am looking for your advising me on that proposal. If my proposal is
relevant enough, I am looking for a mentor to talk to.

Below is just a quick idea of my proposal which actually is a mix of two SoC
ideas from
http://techbase.kde.org/index.php?title=Projects/Summer_of_Code/2008/Ideas .

*---------- beginning of short proposal ---------------------*
I'd be interested to work as a SoC on the piece of software that you and
your friend have been working on, and for which you submitted
a proposal on
This proposal could be merged with that one :
In the latter, a person proposes that it be possible to arrange
over pages before printing (one or more graphics fitting on one page, and
also, graphics fitting/expanded over several pages for example...).

Here is how I would see things :

Okular ( http://okular.kde.org/ ), which can display several files types
including PDF, could be used/extended to be the program that receives/is run
to receive all the pages sent to some special pseudo-printer. The name of
this pseudo-printer could be "Okular graphics arranger". Choosing to send
pages to this pseudo-printer which would actually send the pages to Okular,
would bedone in the already present printer choice drop-down menu of the KDE
printing dialog (the one on which we can choose the number of pages,
collating etc...).

For that new part of Okular to create, one should be able to choose that the
final job be sent to the printer as:
- one big job with the total number of pages,
- or as a decomposed number of job reflecting the nature of the pages (ie :
in the queue you would see :
"myOdtDocument.odt [pages 1-3] [OkularArranger-elem1/3]" ;
"specialPicture.png [OkularArranger-elem2/3]" ;
"veryBigPictureFittingOn2Pages.png [2 pages] [OkularArranger-elem3/3]" ;
and so on.
*-------- end of short proposal -------------------*

Looking around the text pointed by the two URLs written in the proposal
above, I cannot make out any correct mentor name or e-mail adress (I have
one e-mail adress : asranie at fryx.ch but I receive emails back telling me
that the email id does not exist...).

Would you accept to tell me what you think of my proposal and what I should
refine it... ?
Should I take the time to talk about that proposal more in depth a mentor as
Google recommended it for the remaining days ?
Would you know someone that would accept to mentor me for this ?

As to me :
I'm 20, french and I live near Versailles (near Paris). I'm in 3rd year of
information technology studies (the school's URL is www.ece.fr ). I think
that I will take a major in embedded systems next year.
I know C,C++, ActionScript and Python. I'm a regular Blender user. I've
worked with the following libraries : C:BSD sockets, Python:Blender (Game
and some normal Blender programming), Python:Qt4 (... but I used QtDesigner,
so I don't know the API well), C:GTK+, C:GooCanvas, C:Allegro, Flash 5/MX,
Python:xml.minidom to parse SVG.

As far as KDE and open-source work is concerned, I have never contributed to
KDE yet but I use KDE every day on my laptop. I only submitted some bug
reports for Blender3d. I have worked for 3 student projects published over
public SVN repositories, with GPL Licenses at Google Code and tuxfamily.

I could spend July & August working on the SoC.
I wish I could have a 1 week break in the middle.



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