[Okular-devel] [Bug 150293] I want to highlight select all (or parts) of "Properties" dialog info (including fonts) and paste it into editor

Kurt Pfeifle pfeifle at kde.org
Fri Sep 28 13:58:06 CEST 2007

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(((I can't open .chm files currently -- it yields a warning dialog:

   Could not start process Unable to create io-slave:
   klauncher said: Unknown protocol 'ms-its'.

...and I was able to copy-paste that one. Yay! and three cheers to the developers!! In addition to the warning dialog, I got an additional line in the document window pane displayed, *which I can't copy/paste*. Which sucks. :-)  See attached screenshot...

Also, if this above klauncher bug is reproducable [may be a temporary thing of the openSUSE build service packages], try to resized the window a few times while quoted dialog is open: you'll see how the window starts to flicker like hell, in an endless loop, and if you are unlucky, you can not even close the dialog any more without really kill-9-ing it.

When I start okular from konsole, and reproduce above "endless flickering loop" bug, there are these messages repeated in konsole over and over, for each flicker event:

okular(22094)/khtml (part) KHTMLPart::closeUrl: Aborted before starting to render, reverting location bar to  "ms-its:///home/kurt/Server.chm::/1.0_Der_InfoStream_Server.htm"
okular(22094)/khtml KHTMLView::closeChildDialogs: closeChildDialogs: closing dialog  KDialog(0x838ab38, name = "error")
okular(22094)/khtml (part) KHTMLPart::showError: KHTMLPart::showError d->m_bParsing= false  d->m_bComplete= true  d->m_bCleared= false
okular(22094)/okular (app) Okular::Document::requestPixmaps: request id=3 426x318 0
okular(22094)/okular (app) Okular::DocumentPrivate::sendGeneratorRequest: sending request id=3 426x318 0 async == true
okular(22094)/khtml (part) KHTMLPart::openUrl: KHTMLPart( KHTMLPart(0x8107378) )::openURL  "ms-its:/home/kurt/Server.chm::/1.0_Der_InfoStream_Server.htm"
okular(22094)/khtml KHTMLView::closeChildDialogs: closeChildDialogs: closing dialog  KDialog(0x83c3238, name = "error")
okular(22094)/kio (Slave) KIO::Slave::createSlave: createSlave ' "ms-its" ' for  "ms-its:///home/kurt/Server.chm::/1.0_Der_InfoStream_Server.htm"
okular(22094)/kio (KIOConnection) KIO::ConnectionServer::listenForRemote: Listening on  "local:/home/kurt/.kde4/socket-lnx5000/okularM22094.slave-socket"
okular(22094): : couldn't create slave :  "Unable to create io-slave:
klauncher said: Unknown protocol 'ms-its'.

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