[Okular-devel] Page transitions with inverted colors

Pino Toscano toscano.pino at tiscali.it
Thu May 17 22:54:57 CEST 2007

Hi again,

some good news for you :)

>   First of all, I can invert the colors, and the page looks as I would
> expect. If instead I change paper color, it switches to 2-page facing
> view (though it says single on the options) and doesn't actually
> display anything. If I select change light/dark, it again goes to
> 2-page view, and displays 2 pages in black on white.

This was caused by a setting "reused" in two different modes (the "view mode", 
and the "accessibility render mode"). Giving both an own setting did the 

> So going back to inverted colors, everything looks good until I
> move to the next page. Then the screen blanks to full white,
> dazzling me if I'm reading at night, before loading the next page.
> I would like to see the page transition respecting the color
> conventions set up in the accessibility options.

Fixed as well, it was matter of respecting all the usability settings.

So, if you are using the SVN version (and not the alpha), just update your 
local checkout, recompile and install to have the usability settings really 
working (I hope, of course) ;)

Pino Toscano
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