[Okular-devel] Moving?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Mon Nov 6 21:45:57 CET 2006

A Dilluns 06 Novembre 2006 19:58, Pino Toscano va escriure:
> Hi,
> with our work we are reaching day-by-day our objective, that is bringing an
> universal document viewer to the KDE 4 user. But, we can not do that, if we
> remain in a playground ;)
> So, what do you think about writing to kde-core-devel and ask for a
> possible inclusion in an higher-level module like kdegraphics?
> (Remember also there's no more KPDF in kdegraphics trunk, as its porting
> was not worth.)
> In case, I'm volunteer for that.

I'm ok for it, i would try skipping the "kdereview" module as Thiago said "no 
program can be reviewed as KDE itself is not on a good form", but do not make 
clear we want to skip the step ;-)

My "attack vector" would be, okular "is" kpdf rebranded, kpdf was on 
kdegraphics, so if it wasn't because we changed name okular code would be 
already on kdegraphics. Second "attack vector" would be that people keep 
asking for it both in the dot, blogs and irc channels.


> Ciao,

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