[Nepomuk] [RFC] New File Indexer

Alex Fiestas afiestas at kde.org
Fri Sep 21 03:25:31 UTC 2012

On Friday 21 September 2012 03:55:13 Vishesh Handa wrote:
> We will have to release a public interface for 4.10. Specially, if we want
> other people to write plugins.
If we release a public interface like that (which I like) it should be 
completely fail proven and debuggeable. We shouldn't let third party plugins 
break it.

I don't have much information on how the internals work (I will try to review 
it while in randa), but in the ideal world we should be protected agains:

-Extractors crashing (external process for third party plugins?)
-Extractor taking forever

Also, debug these kind of problems in production should be easy, I can imagine 
the following examples:

-If an Extractor crashes or gets tuck while indexing a file, emit a debug 
statement indicating the file.
-Command line to be able to reproduce the issue (we already have this).

Just 2 cents.

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