[Nepomuk] GPX metadata

Anders Lund anders at alweb.dk
Mon Sep 17 10:29:18 UTC 2012

Hi list,

I would like to enhance KDE with the ability to show metadata for GPX files. 
GPsExchange files contains things like routes, tracks and waypoints, along with 
some metadata.

GPX files can be opened by Marble, or moved to your gps device for utilisation 
there, or manipulated using gpsbabel, for example.

The interresting part for me, would be to see something like

3 tracks, x km, from dates x/x/x - x/x/x
33 waypoints of types t, t, t
1 route, x km
source: appname
bounding box: point, point

Extracting these data is a question of looking at a XML stream and 
reading/counting elements + reading a few attributes, and calculating the 
length of routes and tracks.

The question is how to store the data in nepomuk, and where the code should 
be, and what it should be based on.

I would also like to have a preview, a map that would show the data in a 
simplified form, including indicating the global location, but that maybe more 
interresting in some other forum.

Thanks in advance for helping :)


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