[Nepomuk] Strange behavior of data extraction

Aleix Pol aleixpol at kde.org
Fri Sep 7 14:46:59 UTC 2012

Recently I've been trying to push KPeople into something that we can
actually use. There's been good progress so far, but recently I've hit
an issue I don't really understand, maybe somebody can bring some
light to it for me because I don't understand it.

The problem is that while making the query, I ask for many
information, including the nco:hasIMAccount field. In this video [1]
I'm showing how the returned field is empty but if I navigate to the
contact using the nepomuk shell, then I can see the hasIMAccount

Can anybody tell me what is going wrong? Why don't I get the imAccount
information in the query?


[1] http://proli.net/meu/kde/weirdnepomuk.ogv

PS: Here's the query, if you want to try:

select ?uri ?pimo_groundingOccurrence ?nco_hasIMAccount
        ?nco_imNickname ?telepathy_statusType ?nco_imID
?nco_imAccountType ?nco_hasEmailAddress
        ?nco_imStatus ?nco_photo

        WHERE {
            ?uri a nco:PersonContact .
            ?pimo_groundingOccurrence   pimo:groundingOccurrence     ?uri .

        OPTIONAL {
            ?uri                       nco:hasIMAccount
?nco_hasIMAccount .
            ?nco_hasIMAccount          nco:imNickname
?nco_imNickname .
            ?nco_hasIMAccount          telepathy:statusType
?telepathy_statusType .
            ?nco_hasIMAccount          nco:imStatus
?nco_imStatus .
            ?nco_hasIMAccount          nco:imID                    ?nco_imID .
            ?nco_hasIMAccount          nco:imAccountType
?nco_imAccountType .
        OPTIONAL {
            ?uri                       nco:photo                   ?phRes.
            ?phRes                     nie:url                     ?nco_photo.
        OPTIONAL {
            ?uri                       nco:hasEmailAddress
?nco_hasEmailAddress .
            ?nco_hasEmailAddress       nco:emailAddress
?nco_emailAddress .

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