[Nepomuk] Second try: classes and properties for describing excerpts (parts of text, parts of images)

Miro Halas nepomuk at bastafidli.com
Sat Sep 17 03:44:10 UTC 2011

Very interesting post

> To me all this seems to happen on the nie:InformationElement level
> rather than on the nie:DataObject level. We are interested in the
> information, not the container. Thus, such a part of the document would 
> be nie:isLogicalPartOf the main information element.

I have a different point of view. Sometime we are in fast interested in  the 
container rather than the information. This is the case when the  container 
represents the "producer of the information" and the  information is changing 
frequently. E.g. I have tons of bookmarks for  news outlets, blogs, etc. which I 
visit regularly to see the latest  information whatever it might be. 

At this time I do not entirely follow how the Excerpt concept relates to  
Bookmarking. In my opinion, bookmark is just a pointer to some other  piece of 
information, whatever it might be. So bookmark can be pointer  to a container, 
to a specific information, portion of some information  (which is by having 
ability to stand on its own information by itself as  well). I am completely new 
to the whole RDF world so I do not know how  to properly express it, but it 
seems to me that you have classes to  describe all kinds of information that may 
be have meaning on its own  (e.g. image is standalone piece of information, 
person in the image is  also standalone information, eye color of the person in 
the image is  also standalone information). Bookmark can be then pointer to 
whatever  piece of information that make sense to the user who created it.

Best Regards,

Miro Halas
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