[Nepomuk] Akonadi:Contactfeeder problem

Jörg Ehrichs Joerg.Ehrichs at gmx.de
Thu Nov 10 08:54:40 UTC 2011

Hi Christian,

thanks for the answer.

> [...] Unfortunately the Nepomuk::Resource api has not been ported to
> the DMS yet, but once this is done the resource will be automatically
> merged based on the nie:url property.

Means as long as I add the nie:url="akonadi:?item=1234" to my created
Resource the DMS part will merge
any new Resource created with this together?

Is the adoption of the Nepomuk::Resources api planed for 4.8?

> user generated content should usually go to the pimo:thing and not the
> akonadi resource directly, therefore the pimo:thing.

Currently all my authors and editors are created as nco:PersonContact
and what I want is a way to get from this resource
to the kaddressbook entry to offer a way to edit the resource in more
detail or if no akonadi entry exist, create one in a user selected
alonadi::collection and create the link between them.

Do I have to fiddle around with the pimo:thing/groundingOccurrence
stuff myself or is it still enough to create the nco:PersonContact
with the nie:url as described above and nepomuk does the magic behind the scene?

> Note there is currently a bug in nepomuk which prevents the new feeders
> from working as expected.

Another good reason to wait for 4.8 and see how all the Nepomuk stuff
works then :)


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