[Nepomuk] nepomuk and owncloud

Dr. Oliver Heidbüchel post at oliver-heidbuechel.de
Mon Jul 26 16:24:00 CEST 2010


With nepomuk integrated into owncloud, we could rate and tag files, ... in the owncloud 
via the web interface. We also could search via the web interface for example for all 
files tagged with "KDE" in the cloud. All nepomuk-functionality we find in dolphin could 
be integrated into the web interface.

But this should be only a first step. I have a client with KDE and nepomuk running. I have 
connected to my owncloud. Now I use dolphin searching for all files tagged with "KDE". 
Dolphin should show me all files tagged with "KDE" from my client (querying the client's 
nepomuk) and all files tagged with "KDE" from the cloud (quering the owncloud's nepomuk).

Best regards,
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