[Nepomuk] Soprano 2.4.0 released

Sebastian Trüg trueg at kde.org
Tue Feb 9 20:23:46 CET 2010

Hello RDF lovers,

Soprano has seen some nice work since the 2.3 release series.
And just in time for KDE SC 4.4.0 I present the next step in Qt RDF data 
handling: Soprano 2.4.0.

* New methods Client::SparqlModel::listStatementsAsync and 
* Automatic query prefix expansion in NRLModel.
* Automatic NRL metadata graph removal in NRLModel.
* ServerCore is now fully multithreaded allowing two clients perform read-only 
  commands simultaneously.
* New Virtuoso storage backend which can either connect to a running Virtuoso 
  instance or spawn one locally.
* New convenience methods to handle BackendSettings.
* New class AsyncQuery which will spawn a new thread for real asnycroneous 
  query execution (in contrast to AsyncModel which only performs the actual 
  query call in another thread while the iteration is syncroneous).
* Removed redland/librdf dependancy from raptor parser.
* Sopranocmd improvements:
   - New paramter --nrl for sopranocmd which will trigger automatic query 
     prefix expansion based on prefixes stored in the underlying model, 
     automatic context creation for imported statements that do not have one 
     set, and automatic metad ata graph removal on removeContext calls.
   - New parameter --graphselect which allows to convert SPARQL select query 
     results into a graph result. This is very usable since SPARQL construct 
     queries do not support contexts/named graphs.
   - New command 'rmgraph' which allows to delete a list of graphs/contexts.
   - New parameter --foo which enables scriptable binding results without 
     variable names.

Grab it now from http://soprano.sourceforge.net.

Sebastian Trüg (Mandriva)
Soprano Maintainer

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