[Nepomuk] Problems with nepomuk server

Sebastian Trueg trueg at kde.org
Wed Aug 25 19:17:57 CEST 2010

Hi George,

On 08/25/2010 02:45 PM, George Goldberg wrote:
> 1) It starts virtuoso-t instance, then it starts another second
> virtuoso-t instance, which is quickly terminated.

that is a weird special case when run the first time. I did not fix that
yet but it is not really a bug - more of an annoying side effect of the
automatic conversion for which I need to add special handling somewhere.

> 2) There are a lot of the following lines:
> 2: [/opt/kde/bin/nepomukservicestub]
> "/opt/kde/bin/nepomukservicestub(27688)" Soprano: "SQLGetData for data
> lenght failed (iODBC Error: [iODBC][Driver Manager]Invalid cursor
> state)"

do you also get all these messages when using 4.5?

Apart from that I know that there is some problem with queries in trunk
at the moment. I am trying to track down the problem. It is weird,
however, that your main session works fine...


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