[Nepomuk] Something to think about on the trip to Freiburg

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Fri Nov 6 16:40:31 CET 2009

I don't think we need such a degree of secrecy so I'm forwarding this to the 
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В сообщении от Среда 04 ноября 2009 22:37:56 автор Sebastian Trüg написал:
> Only two days until the Nepomuk workshop. Let me spoil your trip with some
>  use cases which I would like to solve this weekend. Some of you have a
>  long trip. Use the time to find answers to all the problems and implement
>  the solution. With any luck we are done Friday evening and can go clubbing
>  all weekend. ;)
> 1. Copy meta data with a copied file to a removable storage
>    - How do we encode the data on the device (let's say USB stick)? A
>  simple trig-encoded and gzipped file containing a graph data?
>    - Which data do we export (the whole related project or person? Only the
>      resource URI? Only literal properties?)
>    - How is this data re-imported? Maybe even on another desktop?
>    - When this file is part of a search result do we display it anyway? How
>      would Dolphin for example show that the user needs to insert the USB
>      stick?
> 2. Send a file to another desktop via jabber or email or whatever including
> meta data
>    - Which meta data is exported?
>    - Should strigi-extracted data be excluded?
>    - How "deep" do we traverse the tree? Do we copy a related person or a
>      project?
>    - How do we "mark" the meta data as coming from another desktop?
>  Embedding a jabber id or email address in the URIs?
>    - Do we only do the above or do we actually try to sync with local data.
>      Typical example here is a tag with the same name. Possibilities are a
>      merger (and thus, loosing the origin of the meta data) or something
>  like equality on the ontology level (possibly more complex queries) or
>  simply ignoring it.
>    - How is privacy handled? We need an ontology and a mechanism to protect
>      sensible data. Private/public key systems could be a good solution.
>    - Looks like basically the same problem as 1.
> 4. Query other desktops in the intra-net (or a dedicated subnet)
>    - privacy: how do we protect the sensible data?
>    - which technologies to use? Avahi? Which protocol should we use? HTTPS
>  - maybe simply a dedicated SPARQL endpoint? But again: how to filter the
>  data then?
>    - should the network always be queried?
>    - when importing data from other desktops we are back at use case 2
> 3. Integrate data from opendesktop.org.
>    - The easiest solution is probably to have an Akonadi feeder for this
>  data. - Can we somehow propose the public data from Nepomuk desktops
>  available in the opendesktop interface?
>    - Can opendesktop act as just another Nepomuk node in the network?
> General:
> - Which kind of APIs can we provide to simplify life for app developers?
> - Which kind of services/tools do we need?
> Looking forward to seeing you this weekend.
> Cheers,
> Sebastian

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