Neon on 18.04

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Wed Mar 28 09:34:19 UTC 2018

Packages are being compiled and images are being built.  We'll test upgrade options and turn those on when they're reliable.  We've not done this before so there's no concrete plans.


On Tue, Mar 27, 2018 at 11:56:45AM -0600, John Hubbard wrote:
> With the Ubuntu 18.04 GA release just under a month away I am curious what the
> update process will look like for existing system and when a Neon 18.04 release
> will be available for fresh installs.  
> I believe that the default Ubuntu behavior is to leave existing LTS installs
> alone until the first point release (18.04.1) which comes 3 months after the .0
> release.  Will Neon behave the same way?
> I believe that it is possible to force the upgrade to the new LTS prior to the
> first point release.  When might one expect all of the neon packages to be in
> place for an upgrade to Neon 18.04?  What is the recommended place to watch for
> announcements about Neon 18.04?
> In addition to my existing systems I'm in the process of obtaining a new
> machine.  I'll be performing a fresh OS install when it arrives.  Will an
> updated installation ISO likely be one of the first things that rolls out or
> will I be better served by installing Neon 16.04 and doing an in place upgrade
> when Neon 18.04 is available?
> Is it appropriate to call this Neon 18.04 or is there some other preferred
> name.
> p.s. I really appreciate the work that you guys do in putting this release out;
> its great.
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