KDE Neon Developer Stable - Missing Kickoff Icons - Wrong kdeconnect Version

Railway Coder railwaycoder at gmail.com
Wed Oct 5 19:27:31 UTC 2016


I'm using KDE Neon Developer Stable (currently up to date from the repo).

Since a few weeks I'm missing the History and Leave Icon in Kickoff (See
screenshot below)

I've a system running KDE Neon User Edition and there is everything fine.

I think something is wrong with my packages since there are additional

On Neon Developer Stable there is only kdeconnect V 0.9 installed.
On Neon User Edition there is kdeconnect V1.0 installed instead.

I've removed the following packages and reinstalled them without seeing any

kdeconnect/xenial,now 1.0.1+p16.04+git20160921.0852-0 amd64  [installiert]
plasma-desktop-data/xenial,xenial,xenial,now 4:5.8.0+p16.04+git20161005.0554-0
all  [Installiert,automatisch]

Any ideas how to figure out whats going wrong here?

Best Regards,
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