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>>>  Hello everyone,
>>>    Android look&feel is one of the most important milestones for 
> this
>>>  project, for several months I struggle to create a style plugin for 
> Android,
>>>  I manage to create the support for a few classic widgets.Then I start 
> to
>>>  investigate how to reuse the work also for QML controls.
>>>  So we need QML controls which look&feel the same a native Android
>>>  controls !  Android controls needs complex drawings and requires
>>>  lots of informations e.g. fonts, colors, padding, sizes, states,etc.
>>>  All these attributes are oem,device and android version specific,
>>>  e.g. HTC devices are shipped with a different theme than Samsung
>>>  devices, but a HTC devices with android 2.2 have different theme than
>>>  devices with a android 4.0 (I also seen two different Samsung devices
>>>  with the same Android version (2.3) and they have completely different
>>>  themes), that's why I'm extracting the theme informations on 
> every
>>>  device, and that's why we can't have any predefined images, 
> fonts,
>>>  colors, etc. We must *READ* and *USE* these informations on every
>>>  device !
>>>  My first instinct was to mix MeeGo/Symbian QML controls [1] with
>>>  Desktop QML controls [2], but I've face a strong resistance from 
> some
>>>  people, most probably because they misunderstood me ... it seems
>>>  they understood that I want desktop QML controls on Android, which
>>>  is not true !
>>>  I don't want to have desktop widgets on Android :) !
>>>  I want *Android* like widgets on Android ! Not desktop widgets, Not
>>>  MeeGo widgets! Not symbian  widgets !
>>>  I want an application made in Qt to have the *SAME* look&feel with 
> any
>>>  application made using Android SDK !
>>>  I raised this problem on qt-project mailing list [3], which end up in
>>>  a forum thread [4].
>>>  I'm open to any suggestion and collaboration !
>>>  Cheers,
>>>  BogDan.
>>>  P.S. We've had lots discussions on this matter on this mailing 
> list.
>>>  [1]
>>>  [2]
>>>  [3] 
>>>  [4]
>>  Hi!
>>  Thanks for taking the time to answer to this :).
>>  First of all, considering that you've already been working in such
>>  QStyle for Android (huge work, thanks :P) considering the desktop
>>  components for a start wouldn't be such a bad idea. In any case 
> it's
>>  interesting because it doesn't force us to change anything (if the
>>  QWidget applications work, which I think they do, correct me if I'm
>>  mistaken). Also it would be interesting if we could have the correct
>>  information exposed. For example, there's an interesting qml element
>>  called SystemPalette used to retrieve system colors. I've tried it on
>>  my Android device and it's not giving me dark colors like most Android
>>  applications.
>>  Android is a weird platform though, I'm not very experienced in it,
>>  but seeing my applications (on android 2.3), none of them look the
>>  same. Some applications even ask you what should they look like, so in
>>  this regard maybe it would be interesting to have a components set
>>  that adheres the ICS design guidelines [1] and expect it to just look
>>  newer on older devices. In any case, this work alone will be _a lot_
>>  of effort, since we cannot ask Android to paint the stuff, so we need
>>  to do it ourselves (no?). Anyhow, today I've seen this blog post on
>>  the Planet KDE [2] regarding QML styling, if we decided to do our
>>  thing, it would be worth looking into this, probably. In any case, it
>>  still shows that we probably want to keep working on the style, as
>>  long as it can be re-used on Qt5.
>>  I hope that helped!
>>  Aleix
>>  [1]
>>  [2] 
> FWIW, I'm unsure of how this works, but being able to access the
> system icons would be great too. :D
> Aleix

I this is not very hard to access system icons, please open an issue :)


P.S. Please use "reply to all" button, I'm pretty sure many people will find our 
discussion interesting ! :)

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