Ministro II "Your application encountered a fatal error and cannot continue"

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  This error is sent to your application by Ministro when it can't download all your libraries, 

make sure you have an internet connection on your device/emulator.

Also make sure you are NOT using android java files for previous releases ! (remove android folder form your project). You ca test it by installing Ministro and run your application without Ministro installed, it should open Android Market and it should point your Ministro II, if not then your application is not using the right android java files.


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>Subject: Ministro II "Your application encountered a fatal error and cannot continue"
>I have updated my SDK to the alpha 3 testing SDK, and updated Ministro II on my Samsung Galaxy S (Mesmerize) to version 6.0. I have the Ministro Configuration tool and tried all 3 repositories but every time I try to start my application(from the necessitas QtCreator or simply starting my app from the phone), Ministro II tries to download QtCore twice and then gives me an error message saying that it cannot satisfy the application dependencies. My application uses QtCore, QtGui, QtScript, QtScriptTools, QtOpenGL. 
>Figuring something got bargled up, I uninstalled Ministro II and Ministro I, and all config tools and reinstalled only the Ministro II and config tool 2. Now Every time I try to start the app I get an error messgae saying: "Your application encountered a fatal error and cannot continue". Any idea whats wrong?
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