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Count on me. Tomorrow I hope to finish my list and to post it here.


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>Subject: Next steps
>We're thinking of having an IRC mini-conference to discuss what we
>could/should work on next. It'd be great if as many of you can attend
>as possible.
>We were thinking of doing it tonight but I think that's a bit short
>notice for everyone (but if a load of you say "yeah let's do it
>tonight" then probably fine), so Sunday or Monday night (somewhere
>between UK and Romania time-zone) is currently looking like the best
>time. Please reply if (and when) you can attend, and also it'd be good
>if you can list the things that you'd like to see addressed.
>To kick things off, here's a list of the things on my radar:
>0. Unify the build process temporary folder to somewhere that works on
>all systems. Windows can't use /tmp as MinGW maps that to %TEMP% which
>is in the User's AppData folder. The installer makes assumptions about
>where things were
>    built.
>1. Fix the plugins copying (in general, using cp, rm etc) on Windows
>-> 2 ways, I can provide these exes or we can get platform detection
>working properly and switch on it in the mkspecs)
>2. Update GDB to 7.3 (thumb2 improvements)
>3. Finish the WIP NDK build script to get latest Google git and build
>that (so we can roll out fixes quickly, e.g.
>4. Investigate using UDP instead of TCP/IP for GDB, if it's faster,
>otherwise investigate if adb can be sped up, network-wise. Both
>changes probably require changing adb executable, unfortunately.
>5. Push some of my Windows fixes to Qt mainline (stuff to make it
>build/work under MinGW, though there's a few things I should fix in
>this stuff first).
>6. Make it so that the Windows version can be built from Linux (mingw
>cross compiler support, quite a lot of work, esp. building Python
>which needs to run itself to compile the modules under Wine)
>7. Fix make.exe -j support (would help with building on Windows as
>otherwise it requires baby-sitting).
>8. Add support to 7za and installer-framework for symbolic links on
>Windows (see msdos command mklink) so there's no need to remove
>symlinks from the packages (and also MinGW's ln program)
>9. Investigate OpenGLES 2.0 support (we build QTA for android-4, maybe
>for arm-v7a we can switch up to android-5 for the QtA compile (and as
>a min version), that way the configure test for OpenGLES 2 will pass
>ok and it'll build the library, I know there were issues with the
>OpenGL contexts after that but one problem at a time...)
>10. See if I can pass off maintainership of either the Windows or Mac
>OS X versions to someone else (I'd like to keep hold of one of them,
>and don't mind which).
>11. Fix webkit build failure on Windows and Mac OS X.
>12. Fix installer framework so that it can install from local packages
>folder instead of always having to use the network -> this already
>works on Mac OS X (just modify config.xml to use file:/usr/www/ etc),
>but not on Windows (where it works partially, updates.xml is loaded
>but nothing else); I'm not sure about Linux, maybe add a command line
>option to override the repo url?
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