[Marble] Android development

Dennis Nienhüser earthwings at gentoo.org
Fri Jan 31 21:00:05 UTC 2014


the release of Qt 5.2 should make a Marble release for Android much more
doable than before. I doubt that it makes up a good GSoC project, though:
- we have no clear idea what features we want and how it should look like
- the port will require a very good overview of Marble and experience in
taming dragons
- the port must be maintained, so the person working on it must stay
around and the code must fit with the existing code base. No second
build system, no code duplication, no hacks.

Therefore I'm only willing to mentor a Marble Android GSoC project if
the student convinces me that he can accomplish that. Which does not
only mean writing a very detailed and convincing application, but much
more starting to contribute right now with real, clean code towards such
a port.

Sorry if that sounds disappointing. I think there are much nicer GSoC
projects and we'll start adding ideas some time soon. Better wait for
those... :-)


On 30.01.2014 16:27, Nitin Issac Joy wrote:
> Hey, 
> I am a university student pursuing computer science and wanting to
> contribute to opensource. I'd like to work with you guys for the
> Android version of Marble is under development. I am very familiar
> with Android studio and Java, also familiar with Javascript, XML, C++
> and not much but substantial Qt. 
> Kindly reply asap.
> Hoping to work with you guys
> Nitin Issac Joy

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