[Marble] Re: Nautical information on Marble/OpenStreetMap

Torsten Rahn tackat at t-online.de
Tue Nov 9 14:26:18 CET 2010

Yes this is possible using Marble. 

You'd need a texteditor and some understanding of the filesystem to give it a 
try.  There is some manual about creating custom maps, see:


Basically one would need to copy/modify the existing openstreetmap.dgml file 
and one would need to add a new layer for the seamarks. As I just found out 
the server Url for the seamark layer seems to be 
http://tiles.openseamap.org/seamark, since at least one of the tiles has the 


You could even create it so that the seamark layer can be switched on and off 
in the legend. Of course all that requires a bit time and tinkering with the 
.dgml text files. But in general it should be possible with the current 
version of Marble.

I guess looking into the excellent hike and bike map for Marble would provide 
some ideas how to accomplish the task:


Best Regards,


On Tuesday, 9. November 2010 12:11:14 Josepo Urrutia wrote:
> Is there a way to show nautical infomation ( as port buoys, port facilities
> ... ) on Marble using OpenStreetMap map server ?
> OpenStreetMap has nautical information on their databases ( OpenSeaMap
> proyect has been created with that purpouse
> http://www.openseamap.org/index.php?id=opnseamap&L=1 ) but Marble only
> shows "land information".
> For example :
> If I zoom to Rostock ( Germany ) port using Marble you can see something
> like
> http://www.openstreetmap.org/?lat=54.18269&lon=12.09161&zoom=15&layers=M
> But if you use OpenSeaMap web viewer you see
> http://map.openseamap.org/map/map_edit.php?zoom=15&lat=54.18269&lon=12.091
> 61&layers=B0TT
> Using JOSM ( Java OpenStreetMap Editor ) I downloaded that tile information
> on the OpenStreetMap server a.tile.openstreetmap.org ( which is de default
> for the OpenStreetMap Marble chart ) and all the nautical information is
> on the server side.

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