[Marble] Selectable DataPluginItem

Carl Gleisner carl.gleisner at gmail.com
Thu Aug 12 08:31:29 CEST 2010

While creating a online service I've been trying to make my items selectable by reimplementing QAction* action and connecting 'triggered' to my 'openBrowser'. However, this does not work. I even tried setFlag on the Items passing the ItemIsSelectable.

Reviewing the code for weather and wikipedia I do not see any differences. What could be the problem?


	QAction* action();
public Q_SLOTS:
	void test();


MolayItem::MolayItem( QObject *parent )
    : AbstractDataPluginItem( parent )
    symbol = new Symbol;
    setSize( symbol->getSize() );
    m_action = new QAction( this );
    connect( m_action, SIGNAL( triggered() ), this, SLOT( test() ) );
    m_initialized = true;


QAction *MolayItem::action()
	m_action->setText( id() );
	return m_action;

void MolayItem::test()
	qDebug() << id();


	MolayItem * item = new MolayItem( m_parent );
	m_list->append( item );
	QXmlStreamAttributes attribs = attributes();
	item->setId( attribs.value( "id" ).toString() );
	item->setSidc( attribs.value("sidc").toString() );

Regards, Carl Gleisner

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