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Seeking Marble developer for custom software project

Rællic Systems, a small R&D company based in Silicon Valley, is looking for an experienced Marble developer to work on a custom software application called Infinity Stone.  The program is conceived as a digital globe that will provide multipurpose visualization and collaboration for Department of Defense missions of the U.S. and allied partners.  Further information on the concept is available on the project website and upon request:

Essentially, the developer would be adding multilevel security (Unclassified, Confidential, Secret, Top Secret, TS/SCI, etc.) and cross-domain information sharing to Marble as a proprietary extension, while still complying with the Marble license.  The target platform is General Dynamics PitBull, which is a trusted operating system featuring multilevel security and other features relevant to this project.  As an example, PitBull in its desktop embodiment allows the user to have multiple windows open at different security levels.  Infinity Stone will automatically excise information from the lower security levels so that uncleared users will see their own, different views of the underlying data to the extent they are granted access.  In this way, the government can share data at multiple security levels and across domains at will (e.g., with local law enforcement and allied partners).  The data sources will be mockups of government databases using exclusively unclassified sources so that development may proceed freely without bureaucratic interference.  The final application must be agnostic to the schema by which the government actually stores the information, and/or easily modifiable to pull data from the actual databases in use by the government if a contract is awarded.

The project is moving forward on spec following an unofficial expression of interest from certain elements of the U.S. Government, which has reportedly been trying to procure a system like this for over a decade but has still not taken delivery.  The deliverable here is a functioning application suitable for demonstrations to interested parties at trade shows and private meetings.

A PitBull development workstation with all required software will be provided for the developer's use.  The developer will be collaborating with at least one other developer who specializes in web applications.  The development workstation must be returned upon completion, or whenever else required by the development team, due to the significant expense of acquisition.  Technical documentation/logs are required as the project progresses.  Otherwise, there are no specific requirements.  The project is estimated to take one to two years of part-time work by one to two developers, but this is subject to more exact estimates once the candidate reviews the concept plan and agrees on a scope of work, budget, and other details.

PitBull is export-controlled, therefore preference is given to U.S.-based candidates for our convenience and to avoid red tape.  However, the opportunity is open worldwide and it should be no problem to send the development workstation to citizens of allied nations.

Please send your c.v./resume and desired hourly, daily, and/or per-project rates.  Highlight any relevant experience.  The ideal candidate is experienced and/or recognized in Marble development, and also will be available for general consulting questions on an hourly basis to improve the features and functionality of the resulting product.  Thank you for your consideration, and please feel free to email us directly with any questions.


Andrew Watters

Andrew G. Watters
Rællic Systems
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