Your l10n is broken

Dennis Nienhüser nienhueser at
Tue Dec 27 20:54:36 UTC 2016

Decide for yourself. IRC log below.

<tsdgeos> you guys broke l10n extraction yet again
<tsdgeos> Earthwings: ↑
<Earthwings> tsdgeos: to be perfectly honest i think that l10n system is 
just a horrible broken mess
<tsdgeos> so what?
<tsdgeos> you decide to break it to make my life harder?
<tsdgeos> usually when one thinks things are broken
<tsdgeos> he tries to help in fixing them
<tsdgeos> that's what i am trying to do telling you things are broken in 
your side
<tsdgeos> and you just come of as aggressive to me trying to help
<tsdgeos> thanks
<tsdgeos> really makes one felt welcome
<Earthwings> tsdgeos: sorry, you walk in here without a greeting, just 
dropping an accusing "you guys broke ... again". i mean wtf?
<tsdgeos> well you guys broke it again
<tsdgeos> i can say
<Earthwings> and now you tell me i'm aggressive?
<tsdgeos> "hi"
<tsdgeos> you guys broke it again
<Earthwings> i'm out here
<tsdgeos> oh well, not that i am forced to care for your stuff being 
<tsdgeos> you know where to find me
<-- tsdgeos (~tsdgeos at kde/aacid) hat #marble verlassen ("Konversation 
<pursuivant> marble (master) Android/v1.0.0-20-193-g48d990bbd * Dennis 
Nienhüser: src/lib/marble/declarative/Placemark.cpp
<pursuivant> l10n fun

Am 27.12.2016 21:48, schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> ../src/lib/marble/declarative/Placemark.cpp:394: 'Floor %1' message is
> missing '//~ singular' comment
> ../src/lib/marble/declarative/Placemark.cpp:394: 'Floor %1' message is
> missing '//~ plural' comment
> ../src/lib/marble/declarative/Placemark.cpp:396: 'Basement %1' message
> is missing '//~ singular' comment
> ../src/lib/marble/declarative/Placemark.cpp:396: 'Basement %1' message
> is missing '//~ plural' comment
> Bash exit code: 1
> I reported this on IRC but somehow i was told reporting issues is now
> considered aggressive behaviour.
> If you care you can fix it, otherwise I don't plan on helping people
> that don't want to be helped.
> Cheers,
>   Albert

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