[Marble-devel] Measure Tool plugin improvements

Tomasz Meresiński tomasz at meresinski.eu
Sat Jun 27 09:55:42 UTC 2015

I'm sending in attachement my patch for Measure Tool plugin. Quick summary of changes:
1. Add load/save measure points. It's under View menu (where plugin actions go). It simply saves measure points to KML file as GeoDataLineString.
2. Ability to add measure points quicker using Ctrl + mouse left click. It works when there is at least one measure point on map.
3. As side effect I added "Center on Measure Points" option under "Right click menu". I needed it to Load Measure Points to work properly.
4. Right click stops kineticSpinning - without that Center on Measure Points doesn't work properly when spinning.
I don't know if it's good place for patch like this so if it's not could you send me to a proper place?
I'm looking forward to your review.
Tomasz Meresiński

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