[Marble-devel] Review Request 123304: Bounded textures support (not spanning the whole globe)

Adam Dabrowski adabrowski at piap.pl
Tue Apr 14 08:11:44 UTC 2015

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Review request for Marble.


Submitted with commit 0f3dd481a3402b2a499386cef8a87a8d6b3ffb46 by Torsten Rahn on behalf of Adam Dabrowski to branch master.

Repository: marble


Before this patch, there is an assumption that every texture layer spans the whole globe. Tiles are searched on all previous levels in TileLoader for each geo texture, while it can be the case that the texture layer only spans in certain area (like aerial photos of a certain city). It is both ineffective and unnecessary.

The patch allows for textures that are bounded by a specified latlon box. With these patch, bounding box can be set for dynamic textures. Additional support and coding for dgml tags parsing should follow.


  src/lib/marble/MergedLayerDecorator.cpp d4652e4 
  src/lib/marble/geodata/scene/GeoSceneTextureTile.h 5c53779 
  src/lib/marble/geodata/scene/GeoSceneTextureTile.cpp 6662368 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/123304/diff/


Displayed a bounded texture, tested for backwards compability.


Adam Dabrowski

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