[Marble-devel] Review Request 123239: Optimize linestring rendering via automatically assigned detail level values.

Torsten Rahn tackat at kde.org
Fri Apr 3 13:34:01 UTC 2015

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(Updated April 3, 2015, 1:34 nachm.)

Review request for Marble, Bernhard Beschow, Dennis Nienhüser, Marius Stanciu, and Thibaut Gridel.

Repository: marble

Description (updated)

Allow for automatically assigning detail values to the nodes inside a linestring.
This mechanism is used for PN2 parsing in this patch.
Taking the detail level into account this approach improves geometry layer performance by 20% on my i7 based machine.
This patch also fixes the "backwards" semantical meaning of ViewportParams::resolve()
In the next step this optimization could also be applied during KML and OSM parsing.


  src/lib/marble/ViewportParams.cpp bca8ea9 
  src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataCoordinates.h 610b423 
  src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataLineString.h 4e4e3da 
  src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataLineString.cpp 8864518 
  src/lib/marble/geodata/data/GeoDataLineString_p.h 2c7b9ec 
  src/lib/marble/projections/AbstractProjection.cpp 591adc0 
  src/lib/marble/projections/AbstractProjection_p.h 7bbfcb5 
  src/lib/marble/projections/AzimuthalProjection.cpp d6e7376 
  src/lib/marble/projections/CylindricalProjection.cpp 42345ab 
  src/plugins/runner/pn2/Pn2Runner.cpp fd363c8 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/123239/diff/


Tested manually using the Atlas map, Plain map and Political map without apparent regressions. "make test" runs fine.
Checked the geometry layer values by starting Marble with --runtimeTrace. On average the msec values are about 20% lower on my machine (and I hope that improvement is even better on slower CPUs).
Ideas for unit tests regarding this patch are welcome. ;-)


Torsten Rahn

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