[Marble-devel] Review Request 119982: FileWatcher: honor disk cache size

Thibaut Gridel tgridel at free.fr
Mon Sep 8 18:13:11 UTC 2014

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(Updated Sept. 8, 2014, 6:13 p.m.)


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Review request for Marble.

Repository: marble


Current code stops are identifying localDir()/maps as dangerous to handle.

This implementation gets a lot simpler, trying to remove oldest map tiles below level 4 to keep at disk cache size value.

The internal weirdness has been kept (delete in batches, define a soft limit...) until some more cleanup is done.


  src/lib/marble/FileStorageWatcher.h cf1ae64 
  src/lib/marble/FileStorageWatcher.cpp 8706e71 
  src/lib/marble/MarbleModel.cpp 5f1b88a 

Diff: https://git.reviewboard.kde.org/r/119982/diff/


Basic functionnality is here, if you don't want your precious tiles to be dropped you may toggle writeable bit off.


Thibaut Gridel

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