[Marble-devel] Wikilocation API

Atul Dubey ug201212007 at iitj.ac.in
Mon Mar 10 20:03:51 UTC 2014


I have compiled the Marble source code and executed it under the Marble-qt
executable. I wanted to work for the following task:-

Integrate wikilocation.org for retrieving wikipedia articles

After having a look at the docs, I came to know that there are 3 different
methods to use the API:-

So which method would be the best?

For the popup panel that appears when we click on any spot on the map, what
can we do for the "State" option as none of these methods enable us to find
the state??

P.S.- Can you also guide me what this popup panel is called?? I'm having a
hard time trying to find it in the source code...


Atul Dubey
IIT Jodhpur
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