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Hi Jake, 

The text looks great to me, well-researched, accurate and up to the point. Is 
the video available somewhere? :)

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On Dienstag, 26. März 2013 08:48:02 Jake Carter wrote:
> Hello!
> My name is Jake Carter and I represent FindMySoft.
> I know you may be tired of receiving countless automated messages regarding
> your products but I assure you this one is different. To keep the
> introduction as short as possible, on 26 Mar 2013 we actually tested
> Marble and after that we did two things:
> 1. We created a Quick Look Video showcasing Marble's menus and features
> 2. We wrote a review highlighting important elements of your application
> Marble Quick Look Video
> This was not intended to be a full video review of Marble but just a quick
> way of highlighting the way the application looks and works, what the main
> menus are and how to perform basic tasks with it. We believe this to be
> just a fast first contact with Marble for our visitors so they can better
> understand the program's interface and how it operates.
> The Review
> After analysing the application, Frederick Barton, one of our editors,
> wrote a short review, focusing on the strong points of Marble:
> -----------------------
> Marble - Advanced virtual globe application
> Maps serve many purposes and thanks to the Internet and modern day
> computers, you can find and download any type of map, without any
> difficulties. Marble provides a complete set of tools for anything that
> involves a map. You can use it for navigation, education, for scientific
> purposes or use it to explore the world and indulge your personal
> curiosity.
>  The installed application takes up 62.5 MB of disk space, which is not a
> problem even for older computers. You just need to specify a destination
> path and click a button to install Marble. The software is free and it is
> available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, as well as certain Nokia smart
> phones. Furthermore, Android and tablet versions are under development.
>  The user interface presents a 3D globe. You can rotate the globe in any
> direction and zoom in or out. A tabbed panel, located on the left side of
> the window, provides you with navigation options, as well as the means to
> view, enable and disable specific legend elements, switch between various
> map types, calculate routes and more. You can also switch from the 3D
> globe to a flat map.
>  One of the best parts about Marble is the fact that it comes with a large
> number of map types. By default, the software will show you an atlas map,
> but you can select other map types, on the left side of the interface,
> such as temperature or precipitation maps, road maps, historical maps and
> others. Furthermore, you can load other celestial bodies, like the moon or
> certain planes and download additional maps from the developer's web site
> or create your own maps.
>  You can right click anywhere on the map and select various options, to
> copy coordinates to the clipboard, retrieve address details, measure the
> distance between two points or place navigational waypoints. If you place
> more than one waypoint on the map, the software will highlight the
> shortest route automatically and you can export it as a GPX file. On
> certain map types, you may click mostly any label, to retrieve information
> about places, from Wikipedia. You can activate other online services as
> well, located in the View menu, if you want to view earthquakes, photos,
> postal codes, weather information or satellites. Additionally, you can
> access a series of time controls and make the loaded planet move in real
> time, slower or faster.
>  Pros:
>  The software provides you with a huge number of interesting features. You
> can load various map types and celestial bodies, retrieve information from
> Wikipedia and more. It is also possible to calculate routes, export them
> and use them on a GPS device.
>  Cons:
>  There are no serious issues to mention.
>  Thanks to Marble's smart functionality, you can plan and calculate your
> trips, view weather information and perform any other action that involves
> a map.
> -----------------------
> In our ongoing effort to promote the reviews our editors write we would
> love to see a reference to our Quick Look Video or review on your website.
> This would also benefit your users as they could better understand how the
> application looks and works.
> Here's the location of the review and video:
> http://marble.findmysoft.com/
> Should you chose to promote the Quick Look Video or Review, our editors
> could make video previews and reviews to any other software you may
> suggest.
> Please consider using the attached images.
> Any other opinions or suggestions will be highly appreciated.
> With respect!
> Jake Carter
> jakecarter at findmysoft.com

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